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The idea behind InDepthInfo is to organize information into folios. Individual folios amass the vital information for a subject so that it can be read through completely in an orderly manner. Drill down is also possible with nav-bars and indexes. Along these lines, it is sometimes beneficial to analyse primary sources that might be associated with a specific article. That is why we came up with the "excerpt" folio.

This folio contains a fairly large number of unrelated excerpts. Well, unrelated in that they cover a broad range of subject matter. Nevertheless, they are connected in that they reflect human wisdom as it has been set down over the centuries. A page may contain quoted poetry, philosophical tracts, political correspondence, and even Bible verses. In each case editorial comments have been made to enlighten the reader on how this bit of information may have affected historical, philosophic, or scientific advances. Culture, literature, and music may also be addressed.

These are notes that the authors here at InDepthInfo have used to help construct articles and ideas. To search through the InDepthInfo database, please use the search box provided at the upper right hand side of this page.

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Folios at InDepthInfo contain information on a broad range of subjects.

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