Astrology Poem

In this excerpt from the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable produced by E. Cobham Brewer in 1864 we find a convenient way to remember the order and signs of the zodiac.

Our vernal signs, the RAM begins,
Then comes the BULL, in May the TWINS;-
The CRAB in June, next LEO shines,
And VIRGO ends the northern signs.

The BALANCE brings autumnal fruits,
The SCORPION stings, the ARCHER shoots;-
December's GOAT brings wintry blast,
AQUARIUS rain, the FISH come last.

Note that most of the signs are called by their symbol. Also, because the poem must be kept short and is crammed into eight lines there are frequently more than one sign per line. Also, it is interesting to compare and contrast this poem with one on the months, the famous poem that begins, 30 Days Hath September. There is poem by Sara Coleridge about the months of the year which you may find familiar.

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Interesting Fact:

The twelve signs of the zodiac are based on constellations that hover near the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere, but would not appear in the same positions in the Southern Hemisphere.

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